Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Rain Dance

Peacock dancing in the rain

What is it that is so special about the monsoons in India...
The feeling of joy that showers down and back on those longing faces parched with the summer heat. The relief from each moment spent under the smoldering sun with that one anticipation of the cool sounds of water splashing all around. This joy that the monsoons bring to us is reflected most beautifully in the Dance of the Mayur... the Peacock.
I have assimilated my feelings in this one piece of jewelry. The diamonds in all their sparkle are as beautiful as the rain drops. The form is completely adapted from the plumage of a Peacock dancing in the monsoon. Sapphire full of its rich blue gives a hint of his beauty merging perfectly in that wondrous environment.

Materials used:
Diamonds and sapphire set in 18K Yellow gold

This design is completely molded in 18K Gold. I have used yellow gold as the base for the entire product with highlights of white rhodium polish on the prongs holding the diamonds. This makes the Diamonds look Bigger and whiter

Fine quality round brilliant diamonds varying from 0.02ctw to 0.20ctw(image placeholder) is used. The design is subtly given color by setting drop shaped Sapphire in rich velvety color.

Are you considering using alternate metal or stone options?

Some of the other options you can consider for this design in metal can be Silver, Platinum or several other not-so-precious metals such as Stainless steel, Titanium etc. Any of the above mentioned metals can be polished or plated with a yellow metal (may or may not be gold) if desired. Click here to read more.

Diamonds can be replaced by "diamond look alikes" … or can they??? You want to try using some other blue? What about another range of colors for this design lets say Ruby or emerald or aquamarine?

Gold weight
Diamond weight
Sapphire weight
Making charges
Other charges

Surbhi S Gupta


Anonymous said...

would it be possible to show some designs of cross, particularly cross for different weather seasons

Anonymous said...

Why call rain dance only?
It looks like the power of sun rays distributing its cosmic energy.

Surbhi S Gupta said...

Great question... WHY RAIN DANCE...

Red is for love, red symbolises affection, passion, warmth and depth.
BUT... red also reflects danger... stay away, stop, war, bloodshed!!!

Its just the way we want to see it, the way we feel it. I had in mind the peacock and his surroundings, which made everything spectacularly spread out especially the rain. When I was designing this necklace, I wanted to reflect the feeling of freshness, of scattering drops and of glistning water when it rains. The feeling a peacock spreads in my heart when it rains and he dances. With water drops and peacock feathers. I wanted to see everything in this design... and so the rain dance.