Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One of the best designers of the jewelry industry

Todd Reed- Raw Elegance

One of the most popular slogans of all time is the classic, “A diamond is forever”. And rightfully so, as it celebrates the perfection and timeless quality of precision cut diamond jewelry that we are so enamored with. However, there is a forgotten beauty; that of the diamond in its raw form. Todd Reed is a top Colorado based jewelry designer known for his passion to celebrate this forgotten beauty with the use of raw diamonds in his work. A self taught metalsmith, Todd is a true designer having created everything from furniture to clothing, as well as being a certified culinary chef. He takes his inspiration from beauty and love, and aims to challenge the perception of what is considered beautiful in jewelry, more specifically in diamonds. He designs with skill, technique and his conscience. His jewelry contains recycled gold and stones, and he only uses conflict-free diamonds. All of his pieces are hand crafted in his Colorado studio by him and his team. Ethical, environmentally friendly and beautiful, Todd Reed’s pieces usher in a new era of design.

Getting back to basics and using uncut diamonds has been a distinctive part of Todd’s brand image. He creates pieces that have an earthy, rugged and sensual feel to them, although he also manages to convey sophistication and class. His collections feature rings, pins, bracelets, necklaces and menswear that are unique, bold and distinctive in style. Using uncut diamonds set along with cut diamonds results in a fabulous juxtaposition that highlights the versatility of the gemstone. Raw vs. refined, subtle vs. brazen, Reed blends the opposites into one cohesive look.

An area where Reed is gaining much popularity is the wedding ring market. Popular bridal forums are filled with praise for Tom’s work, from brides-to-be that have purchased his stunning ring sets with the contentment that comes from buying an ethical product. In stark contrast to the highly polished, precision cut, multifaceted wedding rings made popular by Tiffany’s, Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels, Todd Reed’s pieces show a more rugged and organic beauty, the diamond in its natural state. Not only are his wedding ring designs subtly beautiful, but they also have a distinctive look which sets his customers apart from the crowd. His eternity bands feature exotic rose cut diamonds, octahedron diamonds and various colored diamond center stones. His menswear line also boasts the same unique combination of rugged and refined. Eternity bands of palladium and gold are adorned with cubical raw diamonds and princess cut diamonds that peek out where you least expect it. This element of surprise is one of the key features that make his work so alluring and desirable.

In addition to rings, Todd Reed’s line includes a myriad of choices that showcase his eclectic style. His brooches resemble miniature works of art that intrigue and inspire. He also designs gorgeous necklaces that while being made of the finest materials, also have an easy versatility about them that can reflect casual or formal moods. Cleaved diamonds, aquamarines, topaz beads and, of course, raw diamonds enhance his neckwear, which can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Tantalizing earrings are another strong feature of this collection. Reed gives his earrings an earthy, almost ethnic flavor by using random bezel set stones and diamonds in an illuminating ensemble of gold. Rose cut diamonds dance next to raw diamonds on hoops, clusters and drop earrings. Throughout his work, Reed also uses a patina finish- a finish created on a metal surface by oxidation which darkens the metal color- to give an interesting contrast. Again, we see the element of surprise at work through his treatment of precious metals.

Currently, Todd Reed is working on developing his line while continuing to promote his work at various trade shows across the US. He is also devoted to training and education, and teaches many classes around the Colorado area. A self taught designer from the school of life, and a dedicated pioneer of the eco-friendly jewelry movement, Todd Reed is a perfect choice for those who want raw beauty and elegance with a conscience.

- by Stacey Richardson for