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Flight of a bird

Deep the depths of my heart, I still pursue this dream of flying real high. Somewhere from where all is visible… all is clear. I want to take that journey that will fill my lungs with the fresh breeze… the cool air.

This piece is designed looking at those objects of nature which hold this privilege to fly… to experience. My passion to design jewelry and this dream of flight are both reflected in this design where I have embedded diamonds and Tsavorite garnets in 18K gold.

Materials used:

Diamonds and Tsavorite Garnet set in 18K Yellow gold

This design is completely molded in 18K Gold. I have used yellow gold as the base for the entire product with highlights of white rhodium polish on the prongs holding the diamonds.

Fairly good quality of round brilliant diamonds is used to complete the glittering motion in this design. The lush green of Tsavorite garnet compliments the trail. The three chains are separated using spacers designed in effect for this piece.

Interesting intricacies

Movement in the Tsavorite Garnets

Three chains assembled together using separators

The movement created in the “tail” of the necklace is basically by using vertical linking from behind the metal. The Tsavorite Garnets are set after assembling the gold components in this design. The Garnets are pierced and set very simply in place on Gold wire.

The chains used are round snake chains which are separated at 4 places using simple 4 hold separators. The rigidness of the chains ensure them to remain in place and shape and yet they are flexible enough to take form around the neck.

Are you considering using alternate metal or stone options?

This design can be easily cast into other metals such as white gold, platinum or silver. The color of the metal may it be yellow or gold will either ways not change much to the final look of the design.

By using white colored metal, the color of Tsavorite garnet which is not completely “set” but is dangling in the middle of the metal does not get dampened at all. White in this case would help make the diamonds look richer in this design.

The reason why I chose to use yellow gold in this case though was basically to emphasize on the Tsavorite. By using too much white, the diamonds would gain undue attention thus killing the purpose of using Tsavorite.


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Surbhi S Gupta

My Interests

Anything and everything to do with Jewelry captivates me...

Some other things that grip my senses are

Colors... an assembly of beautiful of colors, what they mean to a mind and more

Forms... what is so breathtaking about one form and why another gets simply ignored. What in our subconcious makes us diverted and reverted to a form

Nature... fresh wild plants, jungles, seasons, water, animals... just about everything from their life to their movement to their beauty

Music... live as well as recorded of all sorts

People... communication, personalities, beliefs and more

Blogging... I love to speak my mind out about my favorite... jewelry

Sunday, October 30, 2005

About me


Currently working at developing an information and design house. The site is an encyclopedia to the world of jewlery and design and is aimed at becoming a Design Depot and information for consumers, professionals as well as students in the near future.

Working towards building an exclusive clientelle through an upcoming brand sukRitaM

Worked as a full time designer at Scott Kay.

Developed the brand Vero India Jewels dealing with export of high end Fine Jewelry from India to Florida.

Worked with Tanishq (leading brand in fine jewelry in India) as a full time designer.

Over 5 years of experience in Jewelry Design and Development

Strong Expertise in conceptualization of designs and themes and further converting them into creative jewelry

Excellent understanding of Product Development, Materials, Stones and manufacturing processes and Marketability

Experience on designing products based on Forecast, Trends, Market Research and existing design demands

Hands on experience working as a Design Coordinator, coordinating and managing a team of designers and craftsmen to manufacture theme based jewelry

Excellent Communication and Presentation Skills & a perfect team player

Organized & Participated in several Exhibitions & Expos for Fine Jewelry

Good organizational capabilities having worked for developing brands in startup

Fast Learner & a Team Player


-Highly creative & imaginative in designing
-Sketching, Modeling & Drawing Skills, Color Coordination
-Expert software designing using Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop & 3D Max
-Skilled in Material Manipulation of all types
-Proficient in Technical Design and CAD
-Form Generation, Bench working, Sculpting
-Computer Document & Presentation using MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel
-Skilled Gemologist
-Project Management experience for product development

Events and Exhibitions:

-“Dance of Mayur – An introduction” at Vero Beach, FL on 12 June '04
-“Dance of Mayur – The Showcase” at Vero Beach, FL on 26 Nov '04
-“Accessory Design Show Case: 2001” at New Delhi in Sep’01

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