Sunday, October 30, 2005

About me


Currently working at developing an information and design house. The site is an encyclopedia to the world of jewlery and design and is aimed at becoming a Design Depot and information for consumers, professionals as well as students in the near future.

Working towards building an exclusive clientelle through an upcoming brand sukRitaM

Worked as a full time designer at Scott Kay.

Developed the brand Vero India Jewels dealing with export of high end Fine Jewelry from India to Florida.

Worked with Tanishq (leading brand in fine jewelry in India) as a full time designer.

Over 5 years of experience in Jewelry Design and Development

Strong Expertise in conceptualization of designs and themes and further converting them into creative jewelry

Excellent understanding of Product Development, Materials, Stones and manufacturing processes and Marketability

Experience on designing products based on Forecast, Trends, Market Research and existing design demands

Hands on experience working as a Design Coordinator, coordinating and managing a team of designers and craftsmen to manufacture theme based jewelry

Excellent Communication and Presentation Skills & a perfect team player

Organized & Participated in several Exhibitions & Expos for Fine Jewelry

Good organizational capabilities having worked for developing brands in startup

Fast Learner & a Team Player


-Highly creative & imaginative in designing
-Sketching, Modeling & Drawing Skills, Color Coordination
-Expert software designing using Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop & 3D Max
-Skilled in Material Manipulation of all types
-Proficient in Technical Design and CAD
-Form Generation, Bench working, Sculpting
-Computer Document & Presentation using MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel
-Skilled Gemologist
-Project Management experience for product development

Events and Exhibitions:

-“Dance of Mayur – An introduction” at Vero Beach, FL on 12 June '04
-“Dance of Mayur – The Showcase” at Vero Beach, FL on 26 Nov '04
-“Accessory Design Show Case: 2001” at New Delhi in Sep’01

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