Friday, August 04, 2006

New Traditional Jewelry

This is the theme of the silver and gold smiths this year. The contest requires designers to submit only finished pieces for evaluation. It may be a lot to ask for but then think about it... the deadline is Nov 1st so you still have plenty of time.

And for those of us who find it kind of tough express in 2-D, we get to submit the fnal product and show what it is worth.

Also the competition will be pretty easy now that most designers will back out at the thought of producing the final product so there is better probability of being the winner.

Click here for details.
The website is pretty cool if you want an eye tonic for the day.

"Celebrating Diamonds: Timeless Myths and Magic."

Another one for diamonds... design a jewelry piece to Celebrate Diamonds... the Timeless Myth and Magic.

Interesting huh... how anything and everything made in diamonds would say just those exact same words. And that in itself is the competition... what in diamond will be the most beautiful and expressive.

What is it that will give a diamond its true worth? Where is that design which will talk of the glory of that small little speck of luxury?

Click here to read an article about the contest held by DTC. The contest launch is in November 2006. You may please check with us for further details.

A night at the Opera

Another design contest... and this one is truly tempting. The theme is excellent, the host is excellent, the competition is excellent and the timing is perfect.

'A Night at the Opera' deadline for the first draft is 29th of September 2006. Enter as many designs as you can and go as far as you can with elegance, beauty and grace. Go to the opera and feel the glamor. Feel the ambience, the music and the night. And capture all of that and more in those magnificient stones... diamonds.

Enjoy the night... enjoy the design. Click here for the website and contest details.