Thursday, July 17, 2008

GIA Business... is it worth it ???

I'm a B.E graduate in computer science from bangalore... dad owns a jewelry manufacturing company....
i was planning to do management and manufacturing studies before joining him... was considering to do them at GIA... how is the management studies there??? there are hardly much ppl here who knows that GIA does offer that too...
it will glad if u can let me know about is it worth taking it up or what r other options available...
and i will also be thankful to u if u can help me with scholarship details...

It is great to know that you are planning to pursue your career by joining the family business. That is probably one of the best modules to build a successful business. Anyways, coming back to you as a person, you have completed computer science for a reason. Think again, what was the reason. How much have you participated so far in your family business and where do you intend to do in future. The reason why this is important is that you will be spending a lot of money in a highly specialized field of study and if you do not use it towards the business, it may not be that fruitful.

The GIA business school is excellent for those who want to expand globally. It is a very well rounded specific to jewelry program, which is expensive and time consuming but very fruitful if you are serious about joining the family business and adding enough to the pool to really justify your studies at GIA.

If your family business is small and is not looking into expansion in a big way, then it would be better that you take up only the basic business course (principle courses alone) to begin with., or else simply go with the online course. Along with this basic, you should try to make use of the most coveted course from GIA ie Graduate Gemology. If you do decide that the family business is ready for global expansion within the next couple of years, then you must first try to spend some time at the factory and deal with a few clients (maybe under supervision) BEFORE you actually land up at GIA without any prior knowledge of what you should concentrate upon.

The best platform for you right now is to practise and learn from your father. When you feel that you have understood operations and material at your fathers place, then join GIA and get the most from that. It is a very concentrated potion of education that they give you there and the max you can benefit is if you are already aware of the basics of what you are looking at.

You can get in touch with GIA alumni and faculty to get their opinions and facts about GIA in greater detail.

As far as the scholrships are concerned, for you who whould be studying on an M-1 Visa, it is close to impossible to get one in US. However, you will get a fwe weeks of Optional Practical Training after the course get over, but you would have to start looking for this job from as soon as you enter the US. Another option to earn money is to enter competitions and win them. You may also apply for a loan in India.

While you are at it, consider distance education as well as studying in Mumbai. Again, the place where you study depends a lot on where you want to take your fathers company. If you are dealing majorly in stones, then Bangkok or Madagascar are good options. If you are exporting to the US, then see where you are NOT exporting yet and spend time in various parts of US to get better exposure. If you are looking at manufacturing then China may be a good option, for diamonds, definitely Mumbai and so on and so forth.

Again be prepared for what you want to in future and educate yourself using the resources available to you judiciaously and carefully. All the best. Contact me in case of any doubt, questions or suggestions at