Friday, January 11, 2013

Amazing website for gemstone information:

This is a GREAT website for the basic insight on the various colored stones that are frequently used in jewelry. The information is concise and crisp. What I like is that you will read about the basic of any stone that you like without getting over-whelmed with technical information or too much information.

What I dont so much like is that the website does not give any further indication or information about where to buy from or even what to look for in terms of quality of a gemstone.

But OVERALL - I love this website for the clear categories and descriptions and Im glad at least someone with an easy-to-remember domain name decided to give great info on my favorite topic - gemstones :-)

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Ashok K Garg said...

Dear Jewei Design Depot
It is really a truth that its difficult to find the authentic gems and guidance. Why dont you do something about it.p