Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Of The Most Welcoming Fine Jewelry Stores

THE STORY: This is how we got there:

This story started a few months ago, when I re-associated with an old jewelry friend from India. He wanted my help to market his extremely fine quality fine jewelry products in US. After several attempts of getting my regular Sterling Silver Jewelry buyers to buy these high end one-of-a-kind jewels, we started with cold calling.
With little know-how of the stores and very light weight recommendations, we went cold calling starting from North Jersey till we came across the warm and cheerful jewelry store in Millburn, Nancy and David Fine Jewelry Store.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Something of an intrigue

Yash is a designer by heritage, education and passion. He has created some of the most spectacular jewelry pieces that you can think of... READ MORE AT REGALIAJEWELS.BLOGSPOT.COM

Surbhi S Gupta


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