Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sex and the City - 2

Solange Azagury Patridge in Sex and the City - II

We loved the way she wrote, we loved the way she dressed and definitely loved the way she lived it... Carry Bradshaw is coming back in our lives with more sex and a lot more city.

And guess what? She has more bling and a lot more flare with her frocks, fancies and the rest. The funk is on with the colors and bizarre styles. The feature neckpiece this season is designed Solange Azagury Partridge.

The description for this unconventional neckpiciece as on the website is 18Ct Blackened white gold, Diamond, Emerald Sapphire Ruby and Fire Opal necklace. My interpretation is that it is created in 18K white gold with some kind of oxidation or surface treatment to blacken the metal. The stones are in several colors so it has to be colors of sapphire... enjoy the dressy look and the flambouyance of colored stones to the fullest in this new version of the tutti frutti.

It is colorful and yes I agree it is ridiculous. But it has done its job... you stopped in your tracks and now you wonder why a mosiac window work would go with a white dress on a neck that is far from young... but then you have your answer... it is the show stopper and it did stop you.

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