Friday, June 05, 2009

Comparing Tiffany diamonds with Costco diamonds

The most important thing about Tiffany diamonds is the cut. This is the most neglected 4th C of a diamond which Tiffany pays special interest to. It is interesting to note how a paler colored, lower clarity diamond will also start shining brilliantly when cut within the ideal proportion limits of a standard round brilliant cut.

Costco carries everything of high standards but in case of diamonds, they definitely do not go for the 'highest' standards of cut. I am not sure about the diamonds that were compared from Tiffany and Costco in the mentioned article, but so far, I have not come across a Costco diamond which falls in the 'excellent' or 'ideal' or 'signature ideal' cut category. Tiffany does.. all their diamonds whether they are F color or D, Internally flawless or very slightly included, small or big are in the very least ideal cuts adhering to the standard round brilliant cuts.

The article that got me to question my research and come back to my original assessment of Costco vs Tiffany diamonds: Tiffany's Bling vs. Costco's

And YES, the prices will differ a LOT when the cut grade changes. You can go through the change in price by simply comparing diamonds on then and eventually

Tiffany diamonds are as I already recommended top of the line amazing, but at the end of the day, so some diamonds, you are paying over 50 % more than the actual value of the material that goes into your jewel... that is the cost of the "brand" and all the benefits that you get along with it. It is completely up to you from this point onwards whether or not you want to pay that price for the "label".

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