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Beryllium treatement on Yellow Sapphire

This is a really good question. Hope the answer can help many people.

Hi Surbhi,

I was researching some info.on the stone pukhraj/yellow sapphire on
google and I came across your blog. You have given out some tips with
regarsds to the pukhraj stones, what to look for for and what not to

I am currently in the market to buy one and recently I came across one
stone which has been treated a little and has some inclusions but not
much. However the stone is not symmetrical on both side. It is flat on
one side and cone shaped on the other. What are your thoughts on that

Another stone I have is beryllium diffused yellow sapphire. That is what
the jewelery store owner is telling me after doing their test. What
are your thoughts on this kind of stone?

I have to make my decision by Monday, I hope you get my email this
weekend and hopefully I will have a reply from you soon.


There is nothing such as 'little' or 'more' when it comes to treating a stone. The stone is either treated or untreated. Once you know that the stone has been treated, the only question you should worry about whether or not that treatment is permanent and also whether the treatment could be injurious to your health (eg irradiated diamonds)

Beryllium diffusion in yellow sapphire is very similar to dying the sapphire into a deeper richer shade of yellow or orange. This treatment is very very common and it is important that you know that your stone has been treated. The treatment is fairly harmless and permanent so there is no harm in owning such a stone. Upto a certain extent you can also bargain on the price of such a stone.

Astrologically, a treated stone is a matter of personal preference and affordability. The effects should technically be the same as a natural untreated stone but the price should definitely be lower.

Shape: An ideal stone would be the one which is perfect in every way including shape, cut, color and clarity along with the size. But then such a stone would be rare and rather expensive. If you are going to buy a stone which is not symmetrically perfect, then you can work on lowering the price of that stone. When you do consider the shape of a stone, make sure that flat side is not impairing the color or the light passing through that stone too much. To compare, ask the jeweler to show you a really good quality pukhraj and see for yourself the difference between a great cut and a good cut and where you can strike a balance between budget and beauty.

In short, let me put it this way, every woman would love to be naturally beautiful (as a natural stone). Beauty is rare in nature without a flaw so women try to look beautiful with make up (treatment on the stone). Sometimes treatment can be made permanent in some cases such as laser treatment (or like heat treatment in sapphires). It is perfectly harmless in stones as long as it is not dangerous, it is permanent and the price has been adjusted accordingly.

I hope this has helped you resolve the dilemma of buying the stone that you want and has given you enough insight to make the right decision on the price of the stone as well.

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